Holistic products and services for a healthier, happier life for your dog.
An Incredible Journey

A Balanced K9 began when I received my canine massage therapist and my canine nutrition certifications. My original goal was to help my own dogs and other dogs through the art of massage and better diet.

As my life with my dogs grew, I found that I still wanted to do more but I didn't know how. If I could, I would adopt every critter out there in need of a home. But I can't. (it wouldn't be fair to all those animals) That's when it occurred to me that by donating a portion of all fees collected from canine massages, canine nutrition counseling and products sold, to canine rescues we can
all help those animals less fortunate than our own.

Together we can help animals who are still looking for their forever homes and make the world a better a place-
A Balanced K9 at a time!

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